“What is your horse telling you.”

Horses are the purveyors of hidden messages to their owners.

Kellie Stewart shows you how to translate the language of your horse’s behaviors and symptoms can actually increase your potential for healing.

You will discover how the behavioral issues are an extraordinary intimate two-way communication that is going on affecting both the horse and human physical and mental emotional health

Equiperception™ will show how to decode this priceless information your horse is giving you.

In this live presentation – 

What you will learn:

  • Behavior
  • Learn the relationship of health & disease
  • Equine emotional intelligence insights
  • Learning about value systems
  • The relationship of the mind, spirit, finances and your vocation to the emotion with in the physical body of the human and the horse.

Sound WOO WOO and airy fairy…

Well for some it will be…

We have been programmed to think and react in certain ways around health, well-being and finances.

Looking beyond the constraints traditional mainstream thinking around these beliefs Equiperception™ opens up infinite pathways to individual holistic Wealth & Wellness for both horses and humans.

What does wellness mean?

Wellness is: integrating the parts of cause and effect into the whole

What does this mean for equestrians?

  • Fundamentally shifting the way the human and horse system thinks.
  • Facilitating and understanding and alignment of underlying correlations between a person’s emotions and a horse’s behaviors and their habitual ways of dealing with life’s experiences.
  • Understanding this vital principle will transcend your relationship, partnership to whole new level of mastery.

Who Is Kellie Stewart?kellie

Kellie Stewart is an Equinologist who is outstandingly successful in two worlds. As a Horsemanship Clinician, Teacher, Equine Entrepreneur and Director of the Horsemanship Institute, Kellie assists horse owners to resolve the problems that limit a special relationship with their horse. As a horse and also human behavior specialist, Kellie integrates her behavioral and psychological knowledge and insights– to facilitate and enhance a trusting, fulfilling relationship between each horse and owner. The outcomes of all of Kellie’s work leads to the horse and rider being able to achieve the maximum possible, regardless of whether the client is a child or an aspiring or established Olympic athlete. She also specializes in assisting others in Business.

Kellie loves to share her insight to others on how to be successful in in their lives.

She has dedicated her life to understanding the relationship between horse and human extensively studying in the fields of horse and human behavior globally collaborating with some of the world’s top equestrians, Doctors, specialists, veterinarians, Scientists, clinicians and of course horses, pioneering new perspective in the horse human relationship.

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