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How to Overcome Your Fear in Horse Riding

A feeling of fear when mounting on a horse or horse riding on it is normal for most people. Even those who have been riding for long can still be fearful when riding on a new hose they aren’t so familiar with. Just the simple fact that the horse looks at humans as predators is something that is quite scary because we don’t know exactly how the horse would react. Horses can be unpredictable and they are capable of doing things that can harm or hurt us. Compare its size and built to average human size and we already know that we are not equals.

What makes us even more fearful in our horse riding training is that a lot of people have already experienced being thrown off their horses while they are on a race or while riding on their horses. Horses can run to speeds of more than twenty five miles every hour and this is definitely more than enough to throw us off when riding horses, if we are not on a tight grip. This is why fear in horse riding is common to so many people. However, this kind of fear is actually healthy and can be used to your own advantage. This kind of fear motivates you to be more attentive to your horse and to make sure you are able to keep him relaxed at all times. Furthermore, it motivates you to be better at horse riding so you can learn how to avoid such situations.

Through training and practice and the help of a suitable horse riding instructor, you can actually learn to conquer and overcome this fear so that you can master the art of riding horses without being scared of it. You have to know that most of the time; it is the rider’s behavior and actions that drives a horse to go crazy and to act wildly in an uncontrollable way that can pose harm or danger to any human being. If one learns to correct these actions that trigger over excitement in horses, then, things can be straightened out and riding fear can be eliminated.

Horse Riding: Don’t Need to Dwell in Your Fears

If the reason of your fear in riding horses is your past experience of being hurt while mounting on a horse, then it is quite understandable. However, you don’t need to dwell in your fears. You need to learn how to overcome it so you can learn how to relate to horses without fear again. With practice and time, you should be able to successfully do this. You have to understand as well that sometimes, experiences like these are inevitable. The important thing is that you learned something out of the experience.How to Overcome Your Fear in Horse Riding

You can then move on to finding a person who can help you train again and eliminate your horse riding fear. If you pick the right person or trainer to work with, you should be on your way to riding horses without a feeling of fear anymore. You need to get extremely comfortable with horses again before you attempt to stat riding on its back again. This is because the horse can sense your emotions of fear and can react in a manner you wouldn’t want him to. He could also become nervous and scared himself. Remember how the horse mirrors your emotions. You need to be extra careful not to show your fear around your horse or else you are doomed to have a repeat horse riding accident. As long as you follow the main rules of natural horsemanship, you should do just fine.

Stay focused and never let your attention drift away from your horse. Keep your attention towards yourself as well. Be attentive towards your breathing, your movements and body language being careful not to excite the horse. You have to do everything in a perfect rhythm, not too fast and not too slow.

Horse Riding: Overcome Your Fear of Riding Horses

When you try to overcome your fear of riding horses, it is best not to ride the same horse that caused you injury in the past. It is best for you to ride a horse that seems to be very relaxed and good and avoid the ones who seem to be very active. You can get help from your horse trainer in this aspect. If they do have other available horses to choose from, that is definitely much better than being stock in one or two horses. Picking the right horse to work with is essential or crucial because you need to be able to slowly build your confidence in horse riding again. You need to work with horses that are compliant, obedient and nice to keep growing your confidence level.

Most likely, your instructor will have you start on some groundwork training activities first before the actual horse riding experience. He would have to make sure first that you are comfortable with horses while on the ground. You could do certain groundwork exercises such as handling your horse while doing anything with him on the ground making sure that you maintain rhythm and keep your horse relaxed all the time.

Both you and your instructor will know when it is already the right time to get back into riding. Finally, you have to remember that you don’t have to brush aside your fears or belittle yourself for it. Again, it is quite normal especially if you have been through a previous horse riding accident. The important thing is not to dwell in it and to believe that you can overcome this fear and start riding horses once more.

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