Horsemanship Working Student

  • Do you dream about living and working with horses?
  • Do you have the passion and desire to develop a career with horses?
  • Do you have the desire to learn about horsemanship and training young horses?
  • Do you have the desire to learn about running a horse property?
  • Do you have the desire to start colts and rehabilitate problem and troubled horses?

We are seeking a dedicated, enthusiastic and focused person that is willing to hustle, to take care of our horses. Someone who knows the job never ends.

Someone who wants to start from the beginning and work towards a successful career in horsemanship, horse and human behavior or horse business.

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As A Working Student:

IMG_1206You will be responsible for daily horse care, including feeding, cleaning, rugging,grooming, health checks and treatments. Tacking and untacking, washing down horses, placing horses in the walker.

Depending on skill level, working students may also assist with exercising and training horses.

And non-related horse activities pursuant to operating a successful horse business like office duties, maintenance and general farm chores.

If interested students may help out with other aspects of business, such as marketing, sales, web based programs and event management/coordination.

The work is tough, the days are long and sometimes you will be on your own in your own company, but there will be ample learning opportunities along the way, with hands on practice.

Requirements desirable of applicant:

Must love horses.

Horsemanship principles around all horses – preference will be given to those who are comfortable around young horses, problem horses and stallions.

Hardworking – reliable trustworthy, responsible, accountable, and motivated, this is a physically demanding occupation, so it would be in your best interest to be physically fit and able to complete tasks which includes but is not limited to:

To carry bags of feed, bales of hay, lift saddles, cleaning yards and stables, pushing wheelbarrows, which are part of the demands of the job.

Focused – Able to stay on task even when the going gets rough, a good work ethic and attitude are essential.

Ambitious – Committed to empowering ones self, through personal, intellectual emotional, physical development and horsemanship education.

Personable – Working student should work well with others, be honest, be able to take feedback and direction and hold horses welfare in the highest regard.

Results Driven – Working students must have a commitment to further develop education and must take responsibility and accountability for their own learning. The student will get out of this program what he/she puts into it.

Working students are expected to study in their spare time to accelerate their horsemanship skills.

It is a benefit for the working student to have clarity in the direction of their riding, horsemanship career before applying.

Reliability and Loyal – Working students required minimum length of stay is 3 consecutive months, and must commit to this before being considered

A Bit About Us

kellie-standing-feild-viewThe Horsemanship Institute is a horsemanship and horse Psychology education Centre that is owned by the Horsemanship Institute. 
Located in the Avon Valley in Western Australia. The farm is 160 acres bordering the beautiful Clackline Nature Reserve.

Here we own approx. 50 horses mostly Australian Stock Horses, quarter horses and thoroughbreds.

We start, train, and rehabilitate troubled and injured horses for the public so a wide variety is on hand – here at the Centre we also train the horses for the mounted police section in western Australia.

The Centre also operates as a breeding facility during the stud season, completing the services of Stallion semen collection and processing, Artificial Insemination, Embryo Transfer and foaling out mares.

Working students work full time as volunteers 6 days per week with one day of, this position, like any agricultural business is not 9- 5, days are long and hard and sometimes require night work when foaling down. It is a lifestyle for those who are inspired to be working with horses and has a mission to understand and yearning to learn the art of horsemanship and horse behavior no matter the weather conditions.

The price for working students is $500AUD per week, this covers all accommodation in our 5 bedroom cottage and food for your stay here (payment plans available).

Students will learn horsemanship, colt starting, horse behavior, reproduction, training, foal and weaner handling, rehabilitation of injured horses and troubled horses.

Students will also receive an introduction to how the human and our behavior influences the horse.

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Applications close on the 31st October 2016 for December Intake