The Human Element In Horse Behaviour

Uncovering the Art And Science Behind Horse Problems

  • Do you ever find your horse’s behaviour to be exhausting, irritating or even embarrassing?
  • Have you ever found yourself at a total loss as to how to train or control your horse?
  • Do you simply want a better way to communicate with your horse and build a meaningful partnership?

The Human Element in Horse Behaviour is a powerful workshop designed to help you understand and eliminate over 30 of the most common behavioural issues in horses. It is facilitated by Kellie Stewart, one of Australia’s leading and most trusted horse behavioural experts who specialises in resolving the problems that limit a true and trusting partnership between horse and rider.

This training is for anyone who wants to take responsibility for their connection with their horse and in doing so, eliminate the biggest problems faced by riders from beginner to advanced.


“There is always a reason behind every horse behaviour. Once we uncover the cause, it becomes easy to uncover the solution and move toward it.”

If you’ve read this far, then you must be curious about why your horse is behaving as it does and how you might be able to find a quick and effective solution.

Firstly, understand that training your horse does not need to be difficult, costly or time consuming – it just needs to take into account more than most traditional methods tend to focus on. The best riders around the world understand this and that is why they are now seeking out the top experts in training and horse education so that they can stop these negative habits quickly, and go onto build a long-term, collaborative partnership with their horse.

Your facilitator for this training, Kellie Stewart, is a Horsemanship Clinician, Human Behaviourist,Teacher, Equine Entrepreneur and Director of The Horsemanship Institute. She is an expert in helping horse owners to resolve the problems that limit a special relationship with their horse as well as being a horse and human behaviour specialist. Kellie integrates the powerful behavioural and psychological insights of The Demartini Method® – the tool with 1000 uses for empowering life – to facilitate and enhance a trusting, fulfilling relationship between each horse and owner. The outcomes of all of Kellie’s work leads to the horse and rider being able to achieve the maximum possible, regardless of whether you are a child or an aspiring or established Olympic athlete.

“The keys are trust and respect: once you have those – there is almost nothing you can’t achieve with your horse.”

If you are experiencing any of the following with your horse, then come along to this information packed, 3-hour event and find out more:

– Biting – Pulling back when tied up
– Weaving – Digging holes when tied up
– Bolting – Pig rooting
– Bucking – Hard to catch
– Pushing into you when leading – Scrambling
– Stepping on you – Hard mouth
– Balking – Stumbling
– Rearing – Being dull or unresponsive
– Tossing its head about – Refusing to cross water
– Pulling the reins through your hands – Chewing the bit
– Pulling faces when asked to do something – Misbehaving while riding alone
– Behaving aggressively toward you or other horses – Suffering from separation anxiety issues
– Windsucking – Training problems
– Stomach ulcers – Weaving

If any of these behaviours are a problem for you, then this training will help you begin to address these issues and find out why your horse behaves as it does.

Key benefits when you come along to Horse Behaving Badly:

  • Uncover the root cause of the above negative horse behaviours and how you can start to eliminate them
  • Learn what most people don’t know about what’s really going on for a horse when they behave as they do
  • Start to learn what you can do as a rider to help your horse overcome aggression, anger, fear and other disempowering emotions.
  • Become a more empowered rider by being able to communicate more effectively with your horse
  • Begin building a true partnership with your hose

Who is this training best suited to:

  • Any rider from beginner to professional who is facing behavioural challenges with their horse (like those described above)
  • Individuals who are open-minded
  • Riders who interested in a partnership with their horse – rather than being ‘the boss’
  • People who want an interactive, engaging experience while they learn
  • Anyone who is curious about the latest in horse training techniques and how they can solve problems quickly and effectively
  • Individuals who are tired of paying money for training that doesn’t work

Who is this training not for:

  • Riders who are close-minded about the latest research into horse behaviour and psychology
  • People who are looking for a ‘quick-fix’, band-aid type solution to their horses behavioural problems
  • Riders who are more interested in being the boss of their horse than in building a partnership
  • Anyone who is dishonest, manipulative or otherwise

Put simply, if you’re tired, frustrated or even just a little curious about why your horse behaves as it does, then come along and check out this training.

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