Station Horsemanship Clinics

Without structure and quality education, your horse plant and stock camp crew can be a liability rather than an asset. Horses become confused as they try to adjust to different riding styles, riders get frustrated that the horses have no idea, morale and quality of work drops and cattle are more likely to escape when mustering or yarding up. The cattle that are held together expend excess energy and stress due to inefficiencies, costing you money.

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Heath Stewart from The Horsemanship Institute has been conducting Station Horsemanship clinics for 15 years, returning annually to several stations promoting a culture of excellence, efficiency, effectiveness and safety. Heath has 25 years industry experience and understands the overall and day to day reality and challenges faced by Pastoral companies.

What the course involves;

  • Easy to understand step by step instructions on how to get your horse to perform the manoeuvres to work and control cattle, including how to use your body position, rhythm and energy, legs, seat and hands to control your horse.
  • How to get your horse to bend to a stop, turn on the hindquarter and forequarter, back up, go forwards in straight line, circles, serpentines and zigzags.
  • How to best get your horse to walk, trot, canter and gallop and have speed control.
  • Quality techniques of catching, bridling, saddling and mounting your horse quickly and safely.
  • How to help your horse not feel the need to buck, kick, rear or bolt, and what to do if it happens.
  • Foot handling techniques to get horses good to shoe and build confidence in the handler.
  • Trailer loading tips to get horses on a truck.
  • Learn where the flight zones are on cattle and how to use to position yourself on a cow to control and direct them.
  • Learn when to use defense on a cow and when to use offense.
  • How to get your horse to want to work cattle and stay controllable.
  • Understand the basic needs of a horse so we can work with them rather than against them in order to get what we want done.
  • Why having your horse soft gets them more controllable.
  • How to see mistakes as feedback creating learning opportunities to improve for next time.
  • How to problem solve to work through issues.
  • How uniformity with the way the horses are handled and ridden helps the horses, current and future staff and the owners.

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Heath is an excellent communicator and can get his message across to people from all walks of life. He can explain the innate nature of the way a horse thinks and put it into easy to understand terminology that each participant can understand.

Typically Heath returns each year to stations which allows increased learning’s for returning staff and compounding improvement within the horse plant and which accelerates improvement of the new staff.

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