Movement For Improvement

Mastering The Art Of Horse Behaviour and Movement



  • Do you feel like you should be way ahead of where you are now when it comes to horsemanship?
  • Do you ever feel out of control or unable to cope with what your horse is doing while riding?
  • Are you ready to take your riding to the next level?

Movement for Improvement is about taking back control of your riding and giving you the skills to understand what your horse is telling you while on the move. Improving your riding is not just about enhanced skills, it’s about responding to the feedback that your horse is constantly giving you in regards to how it feels and what it needs. If you want to move to the next level, you must be able to fluidly interact with your horse in an ever-changing environment.

“There is a logical explanation for everything your horse does and therefore, a logical solution.”

IMG_5713If you have already been to one of our fundamental skills training workshops or seminars then this training will give you the next evolution of practical knowledge into what is really going on for your horse. All our trainings are designed to help eliminate unwanted behavioural problems, but this training gives you access to the deeper level motivations and desires as experienced by your horse so that you can become even more masterful at connecting with your horse ‘on the go’.

You will be trained by Kellie Stewart, an equinologist, horsemanship clinician, researcher, teacher and behaviourist. Kellie has participated in extensive studies of universal laws in relation to horsemanship and particularly as they relate to the life they share with humans. She focuses on the essence of creating balance and in identifying what makes a great horseman or horsewoman. She is always asking herself: What is the connection between the horse and rider and, what role do we play as humans in activating a balanced partnership with our horse?

“Many people think that to improve, all they need to do is spend more time on the horse. This is only partly true; no one benefits from spending even more time with another being who feels disrespected, misunderstood or undervalued. We know this to be true for human partnerships, so why would it be any less true for any other type of partnership?”

Whether you are a serious competitor or weekend rider this program is for any one who has a love and interest in mastering the art of riding a horse. Kellie’s knowledge of the horse is extensive and her insights onto the relationship they share with their humans are profound. This program will open your eyes to the magnificence of the horse and what it has to offer the human. Movement for improvement is an amazing journey bringing together age-old wisdom and modern knowledge.

How you will benefit from this practical, interactive training:

  • Gain certainty in the science behind training horses538
  • Gain clarity in reading your horse’s subtle body language
  • Dissolve horse training myths that may be sabotaging your dream horse
  • Transform horse problems into opportunities
  • Take command of your horse and become more disciplined
  • Take away strategies for ‘when the shit hits the fan’
  • Create an effortless partnership
  • Achieve a smoother ride (softness)
  • Create a more inspired and willing horse
  • Become a more effective, balanced rider
  • Deliver clear and concise cues
  • Boost your confidence not only as a rider, but in every aspect of life
  • Build a foundation of respect between you and your horse


Who is this training best suited to:

  • Horse owners, riders, competitors and coaches who want to make a difference in people’s and horse’s lives by learning the art of clear concise communication with the horse
  • Responsible horse people
  • People that know effective communication is the gift that contributes to a fulfilling relationship with their horses
  • People who truly value the horse and themselves and want an effective way to achieve their horsemanship goals


Who is this training not for:

  • Riders who are close-minded about the latest research into horse behaviour and psychology
  • People who are looking for a ‘quick-fix’, band-aid type solution to their horses behavioural problems
  • Riders who are more interested in being the boss of their horse than in building a partnership
  • Anyone who is dishonest, manipulative or otherwise

So, if you’re ready to ramp up your skill level and move into a deep understanding of what your horse truly wants and needs, then book your place here. Places are limited to reserve your spot early.







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