“The world needs all people out there to be dedicated to their unique set of values – EVERYBODY is needed NOBODY is right or wrong for what it is who you are is who you are.”

  • Do you know what your highest values are?
  • Do you know what your purpose is in life?
  • Do you have a life mission or are you just living day to day?
  • Do you have a vision for a vast future?
  • Do you have a vision for a legacy beyond you?
  • Do you know what is it that makes people high achievers?
  • Are you inspired to do something extraordinary with your life?

“If you answered NO to any of these questions you are wasting your life!”

kelv0826Kellie Stewart’s EVOLVE program is for, horse riders, horse owners, equine entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, professionals, business owners and individuals who are dissatisfied with their current results and are looking to accelerate growth and fulfillment fast.

This 3day immersive workshop connects the dots on how we communicate effectively, or not to others we may share our lives with.

No matter what area of business or life you are in this will enhance your ability to influence results across all areas of your life.

Evolutionary Transformation

Values, Vision, Mission, Purpose, Leadership


EVOLVE is the beginning of knowing yourself fully and love what you are wholly, increasing yourself awareness and energy dramatically.

This program will alter your perceptions by enabling you to see how you CAN become a key person of influence.

The evolved, transformed, authentic you understands how the inner world and the outer world work as a seamless continuum. Through integration, INSPIRATION becomes the evolutionary force.

Becoming THE most important perception that ensures your survival and success.

EVOLVE will reveal the learning principles of new perception and attention, giving you streamlining skills that will propel you to magical heights.

This program is 3 days of immersion, planning and implementation of YOUR dreams & Aspirations!

What you can expect:

During the 3day immersion EVOLVE workshop

Kellie will take you on a journey of:


  • How to find your authentic self.
  • How to bring out your natural leadership skills.
  • How to effectively communicate and maximize conversations.
  • How to build rapport.
  • The 5 steps of leadership.
  • What your values are – what you are here on this earth to do.


  • What Your purpose is.
  • How to define and expand a mission congruent with your life purpose and values.
  • How to master the rest of your life with clarity and certainty.
  • How to expand your awareness – of your emotional intellect.
  • How to be more in control of emotions.
  • How to set and execute plans.
  • How to take command over all areas of your life.
  • To remove the fear about asking for what you want.

All leading to Transformation

In becoming the most authentic you.


  • Rapidly grow your leadership skills and have a social impact.
  • Increase self-worth & your income by making a positive difference in the lives of others.
  • Increase your emotional intelligence.
  • Enhance verbal and nonverbal communication skills.
  • Deepen your relationships within your personal and commercial lives.
  • Clarity of your purpose, goals and objectives for both personal and commercial lives.
  • Your consciousness/awareness will expand dramatically.
  • Your energy will increase.
  • Your options will increase.
  • Your human abilities increase.
  • You increase your frequency.
  • You perceive more, learn more, and understand how your thoughts affect your reality.
  • Your emotions stabilize.
  • Your feelings are synthesized.
  • You will stop judging and complaining.
  • You will become more receptive to new ideas.
  • You will be opened up to thinking in new ways.
  • Your curiosity is awakened.
  • A new desire to create.
  • you will see how higher frequency thoughts and feelings create a more effortless reality.
  • You will experience a higher frequency personality.
  • You will make the perceptual leap into the intuition age.
  • Embody your truth, mission, vision in everything you do.


  • Individuals that would love to have a more fulfilling life and relationship with the people they share their lives with.
  • Those who want their memory, imagination and senses stimulated.
  • Pre starts, start-ups, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants – who would love to make a difference in people’s lives.
  • Business owners – who are responsible for a profitable return.
  • Individuals – who know they are in the wrong job and know that life has more to offer but do not have clarity in direction.
  • Those looking for growth and peak performance.
  • Those who know that communication is a tool that is necessary to enhance relationships.
  • Those who truly get the value of themselves and what they bring to the world.
  • Individuals – looking to get into business and realize the defining steps to growing and effectively selling their product or service.
  • Those who wish to expand into new territory where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
  • Those who want to facilitate their own destiny.

EVOLVE delivers the very latest innovations in human potential, business growth strategies with ACTIONABLE steps that work and provide outstanding results through the implementation of the very unique Demartini methodology in the room while at the event, often creating mind shifting results before you finish this course. kelv0858


  • People wanting quick fixes
  • People looking to get rich quick
  • People that are not humble
  • People that are not prepared to look with in themselves
  • People that are not into challenge or change
  • People that want to sit on the beach and drink cocktails

Transform into a new kind of human being, living in a new world with new rules.”


If you are curious or have questions about how this course can transform your life please ring Kellie Stewart on 0429 047 265