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We are dedicated to helping horse owners, riders and equine competitors achieve high level horsemanship success.

We are the horse owner´s answer and resource to equine success!We value long term relationships with our clients so we can grow along side them.

Our Mission is to provide students with highest level of horsemanship knowledge and skills in order to help them best understand themselves, their horses and their riding partnership,along with relevant universal laws and principles in order to become master horsemen and women.We have to remember that a horse is a horse, not a human. So let it be a horse and you be a human, and then think in terms of the horse’s values… then you will both get along fine!

The Ultimate Guide to Hoof Handling

Heath shares the five key principles that took his hoof handling from frustration to fun. This DVD covers mindset, preparation, safety, biomechanics and putting it all together. Suitable for all breeds and disciplines, its a must have manual for picking up your horses feet.

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Topics covered here are:

  • 3 Common Mistakes of Trailer or Float Loading + Ground work checklist
  • Enhancing Performance and Reducing the Risk of Injuries
  • How to Train your Horse to be Brave and less Spooky
  • 10 Tips for starting your Horse under Saddle
  • Maintaining Pregnancy ­ What to Look for During Pregnancy

Just so we know you are human:


If you are looking for a better way to communicate with your horse and a deeper connection with your purpose in horsemanship I would highly recommend you attend a clinic with Kellie and Heath.

They are both truly dedicated to the horse and student. There ability to teach you to be a leader for your horse is inspiring and challenging but you will come out with confidence and the tools to help yourself and your horse. …Read More

Narelle Bettini

It has been an amazing four days attending the Saltriver horsemanship colt starting clinic with you and Heath.

This clinic has opened my eyes to not only the techniques but also the art (it really is an art!) of starting colts in a way which works with, and not against, the horse. I have seen multiple horse “trainers” and starters but I have …Read More

Tanita Rutherford


Well. The time for reflection is over. Everything has been processed and stored away. Now it’s time to go out and act on information received; put it into practice; think and learn from my horses; see them advance in a manner meaningful to them and …Read More

Ray Stitt, Denmark WA